Specialist event professionals

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Responsible business as standard

PI take a 21st Century approach to our social responsibility as a London business. We prioritise the well-being and social capital of our team, encouraging personal development and physical and mental health. We prioritise sustainable procurement, working with a range of organisations to ensure that environmental and social well-being are not sacrificed in our supply chain. We minimise our use of resources, actively encouraging good “housekeeping” with regard to utilities, travel and consumable goods. We actively reduce and reuse waste, working to the waste hierarchy in reducing our waste, reusing what we can and recycling what we can’t.

London Living Wage

London Living Wage

Paying EMPLOYEES the cost of London living

PI pays the minimum of the London Living Wage to everyone involved in our events. This is not the norm in any industry - yet - but least of all in hospitality. We have a fantastic team of service staff, support staff and junior event professionals who go the extra mile to guarantee the success of our events. The London Living Wage ensures that our team are able to perform to the best of their ability for us - they work one job, they are able to enjoy their leisure and we believe that this shines through in the hospitality they offer.


Seasonal Ingredients

Working with the (delicious) seasons

Our main concern is with taste - we buy locally because food miles do not improve the taste of our ingredients or reduce the impact we have on our environment. We drive our suppliers to define what is right for us by quality rather than price - we control price by buying with the seasons and enjoying produce at its best when it is available in quantity - often briefly. Our kitchen preserves these fleeting flavours in cordials, jams, jellies and powders to “guest star” in dishes in shouldering seasons.

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