The Green Shoots of Recovery

The Green Shoots of Recovery

It feels like a very long time since we were catering for you to celebrate, communicate or educate - privately or professionally. The weeks of the pandemic have changed the face of our world, but there are now emerging signs that it is time to prepare for a new way of people coming together.

PI have been working hard on the future. How do we create events that are enjoyable, effective and enticing but protect the safety of our staff and your guests? At the heart of this there must be a fabulous venue, delicious food and drink, knowledgeable service and warm hospitality. The most talented and resourceful members of the London events market have been collaborating to produce templates for post Covid-19 events.

Welcome Back to Events is a series of slides that provides a measured response to the new social landscape post Covid-19. It aims to act as an editable toolkit for potential events of all types taking current Government guidance as it’s cue, and developing ideas that will enable safe, engaging shared experiences.

The document describes the roles the client, caterer and venue will take in ensuring the safety of all concerned, including addressing concerns such as liability, statements of health and venue capacities. This detail needs discussion – some of it will apply to events in general, but there will be details in each event that we undertake that need decisions on a case by case basis to deliver great event experiences.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Welcome Back to Events!

Welcome Back to Events!

We are delighted to be able to help you with smaller events taking place from August 1st - a long awaited return to the very valuable social interaction and shared experiences that have been missing from our lives for the past few months.

Our FAQ section below (When can we have events?) addresses the specifics of what are and are not able to undertake until a more comprehensive relaxation in the events sector is expected from October 1st.

Please do get in touch to discuss your event plans - we will help you navigate your way through to achieving an enjoyable, memorable and safe experience.

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  • Are We Seeing The Green Shoots of Recovery?

    It feels like a very long time since we were catering for you to celebrate, communicate or educate - privately or professionally. The weeks of the pandemic have changed the face of our world, but there are now emerging signs that it is time to prepare for a new way of people coming together.

    PI have developed menus, service plans, risk assessments, method statements, event scenarios, staff training, hygiene regimes and client and guest guidance animations to meet the challenges of our new social landscape. We await Government guidance on when we might gather again for events, but we are ready to provide creative menus, warm and knowledgeable service and the memorable shared experiences that are our hallmark.

  • What are the next Steps for the Events Industry?

    There is a lot of debate about how the event industry might re-emerge and of course none of us know, but here are some core principles -

    • Safety First. Detailed risk assessments and method statements for every aspect of both venue and catering management and operation.
    • Host and Guest Confidence. Built with good communication, thorough procedures and informed staffing. We will have a "Welcome Back" document ready for you next week.
    • Physical Distancing. Developing ways that guests can feel comfortable, communicate well but remain safe.
    • Smaller Numbers. Intimate, focused VIP hospitality that cannot be replaced by virtual interaction.
    • An Appetite to Socialise. Learn, interact, celebrate and entertain. This requires innovation, creativity and good messaging.
    • Culinary Excellence. Food, drink and delivery beyond the experiences of isolation.
    • Entertainment. Speakers, recitals or performance that can fill the cultural void of the lock down and phased re-opening of our theatrical, musical and literary venues.

    Of course opinion will be divided. There are those who will be cautious and others who will want to lead the way. Our job is to provide the means.

  • What has PI been doing while in lockdown?

    The PI team have stayed together during the pandemic, virtually and in spirit. Many of them have also participated in a fantastic charity initiative outlined below.

    Livery Kitchens for the NHS is the brainchild of a group of City Livery Companies to provide high quality nutritious meals for the hard pressed NHS teams on the frontline of Covid-19. PI staff are supporting the initiative as volunteers providing some of the food production, plus the delivery and logistics for 600 meals per day to Barts, The Royal London and Newham hospitals. The initiative has been generously funded by donations from City Livery Companies.

    This has been a greater success than we could have imagined:

    • Morale is improved for the front line NHS key workers who now have delicious meals delivered into their departments.
    • The catering teams at Drapers' Hall, Merchant Taylors' Hall, Grocers' Hall and PI are enriched by the experience of contributing their professional skills for the greater good.
    • The sense of collaboration within the Livery community represents the true values of The City of London.

  • How are we managing risk?

    Please download our PI Covid Risk Assessment and PI Covid Risk Assessment - Event Safety documents to understand how we are managing risk.

  • When can we have events?

    Current guidance allows gatherings of no more than 30 people (from up to 2 households inside, or up to 6 households outside) from August 1st 2020.

    Events of up to 30 guests that have been organised by a business, charitable or public body, and have been arranged according to a risk assessments taking all reasonable measures to limit the risk if transmission of the coronavirus are permitted from August 1st.

    Wedding receptions for up to 30 guests for a sit-down meal are permitted from August 1st.

    Although larger events can be held, guidelines suggest that social interaction should still be limited to 2 households only. Guidelines also states that events are not allowed unless "reasonably necessary".

    It is expected that from October 1st, event venues will be able to be fully operational, under COVID-19 safe guidelines, following Government organised pilot events over the next couple of months. It is likely that physical distancing will still be in place.