66 days until Christmas.. we are preparing some (boozy) homemade presents!

A fantastic Christmas present idea from our director of cooking was this Christmas Pudding Vodka - quick to prepare but takes about a month to dissolve, so in the office we decided to start the process now in order to get the vodka ready and wrapped for the present swapping in December! 

So this weekend, we will be following this recipe:

75cl good quality vodka
500g mincemeat
250g marzipan, chopped up
ground mixed spice & caster sugar

Place vodka, mincemeat and marzipan into a container, stir well and seal in an airtight container. Leave for one month, stirring every few days. Strain the liqueur through muslin and decant into a pretty bottle. 


It will make an ideal present, but if you would rather wow your guests and serve it at Christmas dinner, you might want to chill the glasses first and rim them with caster sugar and spice by wetting the rim of the glass and dipping into a saucer of sugar & spice mix - it will dry into a delicious crust! 

Christmas, pressies, cooking that turns vodka into something really tasty and fun.. this makes us very excited. We will certainly post an update on the process next week.