Embrace the Cold

Embrace the Cold

With the appearance of snow this week (no, we couldn’t believe it either!), our team mused about the chilly weather over their morning coffees and when it’s necessary to embrace the cold.

Of course, there are the obvious answers like ice cream, champagne or sushi. What really picqued our interests are the range of foods that thrive in a cold environment, not only for seasonality, but for truly the best quality.

Cabbage, kale and spinach – considered the kings of the superfoods – can all survive in temperatures below freezing, and the hearty parsnip actually becomes sweeter in snow!

It’s not just vegetables that thrive though, Eiswein is produced in Germany and Canada from grapes that have been frozen whilst still on the vine. This results in very sweet wine, perfect to complement a slice of pecan pie or a winter pudding.

Even though we were fascinated at what can grow in such cold conditions, ultimately we couldn’t deny the cosy feeling of curling up in front of a fire with our favourite winter warming dishes and drinks. Take a look at some of our team’s favourites – we’d love to hear yours!

James – Event Sales

Favourite winter warmer dish: Chilli con carne with beef & chorizo

Favourite winter warmer drink: Jack Daniels & coke, not very warming but hits the spot!

Carol – Event Sales

Favourite winter warmer dish: Sausage casserole

Favourite winter warmer drink: Good glass of red wine

Flavia - Event Sales Assistant 

Favourite winter warmer dish: Penne pasta with fresh tomato sauce & a lot of cheese!

Favourite winter warmer drink: The same as Carol, always a glass of red wine!