See behind the glamour with a Masterclass in Sustainable Entertaining. On Wednesday 26th September 2018, Party Ingredients will be showcasing a range of canapes and drinks partly or wholly created using surplus, waste or locally sourced glut and foraged items.

We will be planning tempting canape items around anticipated surplus (meat offcuts, veg offcuts), devising menus that enable us to use all parts of the animal / fish / vegetable in dishes, inventive uses for waste (fruit powders), and deliberate sourcing of “glut” – playing to nature’s bounty by creating bespoke items from scratch – ugly fruit and veg, fish swaps, seasonal curds, cordials and fruit leathers, jellies and stocks. I n addition we'll be creating delicious cocktails using London spirits mixed with our homemade syrups and cordials.We use a range of sustainable principles in our high quality, high volume kitchens to deliver over 100,000 covers each year to environmentally conscious clients, and we'll be letting you in on a few of our secrets! All proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to Plan Zheroes, a partner we regularly work with to donate surplus food. They help food businesses across the City easily and safely donate surplus food to nearby charities and community groups.

Join us to see some of the things we do and meet some of our team and the partners we work with to achieve our own ambitions in delivering sustainable events…

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