A review of Party Ingredients from it's own staff

We - the chefs, events & catering managers and operations managers of Party Ingredients - sat down to discuss what we believe makes Party Ingredients special. Separating ourselves from the opinions of the company directors, agreed the top 5 things we are proud of that utterly benefit our customers.

We  care about your event as much as you do. 

We mirror your passion, if not double it. Absolutely nothing is too much trouble.

All staff are Party Ingredients' staff

The fact all our staff (including waitresses, chefs, porters, etc) are employees who have been trained in-house (as opposed to hired via agencies) and are constantly trained throughout their careers has created huge pride for the customer service. Clients will see familiar faces at events and should expect a standard of service.

Reliability and flexibility

We have our own kitchen, warehouse, vehicles and equipment. Therefore we can be incredibly reactive to all variable change. Each member of staff has seen 'it' before and will endeavour to meet your brief, no matter how last minute (e.g. beginning service earlier than planned or provide a cake stand last minute).

We give the best advice for you events

This derives from having a wholly professional team with well-rounded expertise (in running weddings, conferences, state banquets, Royal occasions, children's birthday parties and Christmas dos) and a barrel-full of war stories. Honestly: the person who first takes your call is likely to be at your event, either conducting the waitresses or being in service themselves. Similarly, the chef who designed your bespoke menu will be cooking the food and perhaps serving your buffet.

Value for money

Our prices are not only inclusive of service, equipment, management and staff but guarantee good quality ingredients no matter your budget because we purchase from the same few suppliers that we rely on to source sustainable, ethical, seasonal products. Furthermore, we quote you for the entire event and there are no hidden costs. We are proud of this.