All about Pies!

All about Pies!

British Pie Week 2017 

This week is not an ordinary week – some of you may already know while others will be happy to hear that this week is all about pies. British Pie Week takes place each year during the first week of March and provides an opportunity to celebrate everything pie-related - from baking competitions to special pie inspired menus and offers. It’s definitely a good excuse to head to your local pub after work and celebrate with a pint and your favourite pie.

History of Pies

Pie-like dishes have been around since the ancient Egyptians, but the idea of enclosing a filling inside a sort-of-pastry actually originated in ancient Rome. The Greeks are believed to be the inventors of the pastry shell, made of flour and water.

When talking about pies we are referring to savoury and sweet ones, however the early “pyes” were predominately filled with meat, such as beef, lamb, wild duck, magpie pigeon and spiced with pepper, currants or dates. Fruit pies did not appear until the late 16th century, when Queen Elizabeth I was served the first cherry pie.


FACTS about Pies – Did you know...?

    FACT 1: A proper pie must have a pastry of some kind and must be baked in an oven – essentially a real pie is a filling totally enclosed with pastry.

    FACT 2: According to pastry-makers Jus-Rol, UK's favourite pie filling is steak and kidney (30%), followed by steak and ale (26%) and chicken and mushroom (25%).

    FACT 3: 75% of UK consumers have at least one pie a month - Welsh, Midlands and Northern Ireland consumers are among the biggest pie eaters, while the ones in south tend to consume the least pies out of all. 

    FACT 4: We all know that apple pie is one the American classics but the original recipe came from England.

    FACT 5: Ever heard of the British Pie Awards? They take place annually in Melton Mowbray, where hundreds of pies are judged in over 20 categories. 


There are many ways to celebrate the British Pie week, just follow a few steps below:
STEP 1: Eat at least one pie each day!

STEP 2: Host a pie party this weekend!

STEP 3: Try to bake a pie – savoury or sweet, it's your pick.

ADVANCED STEPS - only for brave ones. We are proposing 2 challenges - you could attend one of the numerous pie competitions all over London or, if you prefer to do some baking, create an unusual pie filling. Challenge accepted? 

If you have any pie tricks up your sleeve please tell us about it. Alternatively, if you just want to talk about pies or share your recipes please contacts us on or @Partying123!