Amazing Elephant Wedding Cake for an Indian Wedding at Skinners' Hall

On Saturday we hosted and catered for a wonderful wedding at Skinners’ Hall. The wedding truly reflected the happy couple's personality and culture. A family friend created the biggest, brightest, most show stopping wedding cake for the party: a gorgeously decorated elephant walking on water lily pads carrying colourful luggage trunks.


The elephant is a sacred animal that in North India traditionally carries the groom in a musical procession, called a Baarat, of friends and family who dance throughout the journey to the wedding. The elephant will be dressed up in paint, anklets, necklaces, proudly displaying Indian culture.  In India the elephant is represented through Lord Ganesha who is worshipped at the beginning of every celebration for being Remover of Obstacles, Load of Beginnings and God of Wisdom.

As such, the elephant is the perfect animal to signify the sacred union of marriage!

Congratulations to the happy couple!