Anatomical and edible approach to pathology and medical science at St Bart's Hospital: Eat Your Heart Out 2012. 26-28 October.

At the weekend we paid a visit to London's Pathology Museum at St. Bart's Hospital where they took an unusual, rather gruesome approach to teaching visitors about diseases: through the art of cake-making and mixology.

Maybe Party Ingredients' next competition (see previous post) should be an infected body parts bake-off...


In the showcase were lungs infected with smoke, maggot-ridden ears and noses, plague cakes, genital wart cupcakes, marzipan skin surgery, stool samples and double-chocolate cakes disguised as a heart chamber or flesh (actually chocolate truffle and rum chocolate butterscotch icing - see last image below).


Cocktails were served also, including the "Charred Remains" mix with vodka and Jack Daniels and a meaty garnish on top (honestly, really unappetising), "Urine" in a warm sample bottle and a "Blood Test" syringe of grenadine and lychee liquor.

Let's allow the photos to illustrate this unique event!