Anyone for a spot of Wild Garlic foraging this weekend?

Our incredibly talented head-chef Emma has been busily foraging wild garlic this week! If, like me, you’re a little concerned about the dangers of mistaking wild parsnip for highly poisonous hemlock, wild garlic is a good choice for a spot of amateur foraging – the smell is the ultimate clarification.

This gently-flavoured green is very versatile and brimming with health-benefits such as blood-pressure reducing abilities. With it only being in season until around mid-May, why not get your wellies on and have a forage this weekend?!

Here is a lovely little recipe for Wild Garlic Pesto that we have conjured up for you:


150g freshly picked wild garlic leaves

75g spring onions

75g shelled walnuts

250 ml rapeseed oil

80g parmesan, finely grated

1 teaspoon sea salt

½ teaspoon sugar


Start by picking the wild garlic leaves and discarding any course stalks or damaged leaves. Wash the leaves thoroughly, making sure there are no stray pieces of grass. Place the leaves in a food processor with the spring onions, walnuts and about 200ml of the rapeseed oil. Blitz until everything is chopped and fold in the parmesan, salt and sugar. Use sterilised jars and fill with the pesto, pressing the mixture down firmly to avoid any trapped air. Top up the jars with the remaining rapeseed oil which will form a seal. Store in a cool, dry place and when you use it remember to stir well and enjoy!