Baron le Boeuf: Ceremony of the Roast Beef

Great British traditions were displayed across our venues last night with a lot of livery activity.

At one livery hall we hosted the prestigious Ceremony of the Roast Beef, the traditional St. George's offering of the baron to the guests before it is served. The beef is paraded on a stretcher around the room by our Head Chefs to a musical accompaniment.

The toastmaster calls for silence before the Master says to the Head Chef, "Chef, as Master of this ancient Company, it is my duty to require of you to pledge that this Roast Beef is fit for consumption by this assembled company and if so to join me in a mug of English beer. Do you so pledge?"

Our Head Chef replies to the Master, "I am pleased to testify as to the excellence of this beef and gladly join with you in a mug of English beer." 

The Master tries a slice of beef and has some beer with the Head Chef before the beef is paraded back to the kitchen.

Baron le Bouef: Ceremony of the Roast Beef by Party Ingredients

The Baron le Bouef leaving the kitchen before the parade.