BNC Scavenger Hunt: Choose your crew

Choose your crew!

Just like organising a crew for a pirate ship (as you do), organising an event means you need a crew you can trust, a team who will accommodate each and all of your requests! That's what we pride ourselves on at PI; providing a team of experienced event coordinators who are responsive, creative and unflappable! We can take on the whole event and organise the venue, decoration, entertainment and production or we can simply provide the elements you want within a larger framework, and here are some of our incredible team responsible for the success of all of our events!

Yli - Senior Sous Chef

Yli has been with PI since November 2000, when he joined as a kitchen porter. Through hard work and dedication Yli has progressed though teaching and training to become a crucial part of not only the kitchen but Party Ingredients in general (he's part of the furniture!).With PI Yli has had a wide range of experience from working in restaurants to being a team leader as well as running functions. 
His ethos is to " hard in all you do; that's what keeps me truly happy and satisfied".
Yli says he would make a great ship mate because he can cook up a 'hearty' feast fit for even Blackbeard himself!

Liz - Events Catering Assistant 

After finishing her degree in Events Management Liz joined PI from the retail sector, where she had experience of delivering customer service to the highest level, at this time Liz got her foot on the events management ladder though freelancing in outreach events for youth. 
Working for Party Ingredients has given Liz a broad insight of the industry as a whole and has given her the opportunity to turn her hand to a range of different roles such as managing one of PI's venues, managing teams of staff for front of house service as well as preparing and organising for service back of house. In addition Liz has gained invaluable experiences from being made a key team member at high profile events such as the Korean State Banquet and the Lord Mayors Banquet.  
Liz would like to work herself into a senior role and eventually become a director at PI.
She would make the perfect crew mate because she is a very positive person and believes its key to stay positive and resilient as this will inspire the moods of others. She is also a perfectionist with a strong attention to detail.

Marcin -  Senior Operations Manager

Marcin was an Events Operations Manager at a private dining venue in the West End for 5 years and then spent a year as an Events Ops Manager in a private members clubs in Mayfair before joining PI in October 2012.
In addition to a wealth of experience Marcin has a BA degree in History and Diploma In Events Management.
Marcin is fanatical about football and military obstacle races, regularly competing in races such as Toughmudder.
He would make an awesome crew mate as he can think quickly on his feet (ideal when another Pirate ship is trying to take over yours!) and he also has a keen attention to detail.

Olly - Sales Manager

Olly started working in the events industry because of his love of food and wine. He joined PI in November 2009 as a Catering Assistant, after 2 years in the role he wanted to diversify and expand his working knowledge so moved into the office in a Sales role whilst still maintaining an operational presence by running events on a weekly basis. A finger in every pie! (Not literally!)
Before Olly started in the events industry he was a keen singer and a member of two choirs. Sadly, due to other commitments, rehearsals can’t be attended, however Olly says his wife gets to be the one to listen to his "constant warbling at home." He also says the one thing he couldn't live without is Cricket!
Olly would make a fantastic crew member because he says he has a more swashbuckling than cutthroat approach to events, "I’m always ready to man the cannon (of lamb) and take up the sword (fish) with my shipmates in order to guarantee each and every event is a roaring success."

Silvia - Sales and Operations Manager

Silvia joined PI in 2011 as a full time waitress during the notoriously busy Christmas period, since then she has been progressing within the company from Catering Assistant to Operations Manager and now she is turning her hand to a sales manager role.
Thanks to her Latin blood Silvia carries an excited and positive energy with her, she is a very sociable person who loves to laugh! She is fantastic at boosting morale and making others feel positive!
Silvia would be an excellent team member as she is a very reliable team player "I am extremely keen to deliver the perfect event at all time. I am an excellent problem solver and extremely organised."

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