Brunch for Dinner Party - Best way to start the evening!

ABOVE: EPIC BRUNCH (Found at the Laundromat Cafe in Iceland, we're afraid!)

Honestly, we kid you not, this is not a joke, seriously. Have breakfast for dinner; or brinner, if you will. It's inexpensive. It's dead easy. Everyone is happy. It involves bacon. Plenty of options for vegetarians. First course is pancakes. Second course is porridge. Always have Full English as the third course (something to look forward to). Serve with a teapot of bucks fizz (using pink sparkling wine is a winner!) or grapefruit and vodka cocktails. Honestly, everyone loves breakfast! Even those on a low carb diet will be thrilled, just don't put the crusty bread in front of them. Try it. Tonight.

Below: EPIC BRUNCH FOR DINNER PARTY (Trailed last night)