Charity fundraiser at Guildhall with a Rhino at the round tables

Shall we talk about the elephant in the room? We mean, rhino.

While we were polishing glasses for the reception in a separate room, a colleague rushed in excitedly from the Old Library in Guildhall to say, 'Have you seen the huge rhino that just arrived?'

Now, you don't hear that at every event!

Tusk Trust had their Friends of Lewa fundraising dinner in Guildhall on Thursday. It was a lovely evening around round tables and there were some very cool musicians playing.

Tusk work to protect endangered animals and wildlife in Africa as well as leading initiatives within communities that recognise that Africa’s "natural resources is dependant on sustainable rural development". 

Lewa is a non-profit rhino conservation group that reacted to the massive decline in black rhinos by tracking and capturing every wild rhino and put them into the protected sanctuary of David and Delia Craig's ranch. Over the decades, the success of their breeding programme meant they had to expand onto more land and they actually ventured into promoting more species of mammals and birds.

We hope that the other night Tusk and Lewa increased more awareness of their amazing work in Africa and we wish them well over the next year.

We wonder how heavy this amazing rhino is!

These flowers are more exotic than any other bunch we have seen in Guildhall.

We were wondering weather Guildhall would let us open a window... But no.