Cheap delicious interactive dinner party with guaranteed delight

Another dinner party idea to share with you which is cool in so many ways:

1. Unique: It's original, no one is expecting it and yet it exceeds expectations.

2. Interactive: When someone asks, can I help? There is actually something they can do! If no one offers, then it's fine too.

3. Cheap: A good hearty meal for 8 guests will come to about £13 in total, not including alcohol. You would call this low-cost or budget!

4. Delicious: Through not much effort of your own, the meal is guaranteed to be absolutely scrumptious.

So what is it? A jacket potato dinner party with a buffet of fillings.

Or even better: a baked sweet potato, which is so much more flavoursome, looks great and even more unexpected!

To cook the perfect potato, preheat your oven on full whack. Scrub your potatoes, prick them with a fork all over and slit the top. Roll each potato in sea salt and place directly onto a shelf in the oven. The sweet potatoes need 45 minutes to bake while the potatoes need an hour but feel free to leave them in 10 or so minutes longer if needed. The skins should be crispy and serve as soon as they're out the oven.

Buffet of essential fillings:

Crumbled feta cheese, grated cheddar cheese, tuna chunks (don't add mayo), baked beans, hot sausages, fresh leafy salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and sweet corn etc, sour cream with dill, chopped spring onions and butter.

To avoid looking extremely cheap, remove all the packaging and transfer into pretty bowls (including the sour cream!).