PI's 25 Steps to Christmas - Step Seven: Christmas Colour Themes

The key to successful décor lies in a good colour palette, over the years the traditional Christmas colours have expanded to a place where any shades are now acceptable.

While thinking of some nice Christmas colour palettes, we've taken our inspiration from our livery halls.

Burgundy, brown and green- A traditional, classic take at Skinner's Hall.

These rich earthy tonal colours bring a classy and elegant look to seasonal decorations.

Turquoise and gold- An alluring combination at Saddlers' Hall.  

With the cool and calm shades of turquoise and the elegance and glamour of gold, these colours combined make for a striking Christmas theme. 

Purple and green- A successful purple pairing at our Barber-Surgeons' Hall.

Purple has long been regarded as the colour of royalty, why not bring a regal touch to your home?