PI's 25 Steps to Christmas - Step Twenty: Christmas Food Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in 160 countries around the world and surprisingly they don't all eat turkey and sprouts! We wanted to take sometime out of our very Western preparations for Christmas and bring you some new, fresh ideas from around the globe, here are some of our favourites! 

In Belgium they eat a Christmas version of Cougnou, known as Cougnolle, which is a sweet bread, formed in the shape of the baby Jesus.

A popular festive beverage in Chile is Ponche a la Romana, or 'Roman Punch' is a concoction of champagne and pineapple ice cream.

When it comes to sweet treats at Christmas it is fair to say Germany are the experts, one of the most popular sweet 'dishes' is Pfefferkuchenhaus, or better known as a gingerbread house! These are decorated with tonnes of icing and sweets, amazing!