Christmas Pudding Vodka (and Vodka Mincepies): The bottling!

Finally we conclude the Christmas Pudding Vodka saga which started at the end of October.

Our Christmas Pudding Vodka has been stewing for a couple of months (longer than the recipe required but there's no harm done) and the 100ml bottles arrived so time to get bottling.

Pouring the mixture through the muslin was a two-person job as the bag gets quite heavy with the mincemeat! Prepare to get your hands messy as squeezing all the juice out is a tough job, with vodka squirting in all directions. It may take a few rounds to separate the mincemeat but reward yourself with a few vodka-raisins!

Christmas Pudding Vodka separated int

Use the leftover mincemeat to make delicious vodka mince pies! Honestly, the alcoholic kick is a fantastic addition to this classic festive dessert. Recycling has never been so satisfying!

Then comes the bottling of the murky vodka which may require a funnel. Use ribbon to tie a tag with the instruction to "chill the glasses first and rim them with caster sugar and spice by wetting the rim of the glass and dipping into a saucer of sugar & spice mix - it will dry into a delicious crust!"

The bottle needs a good shake from time to time but this low-cost, homemade, unique gift will come as a surprise to friends and family and hopefully get Christmas Eve rolling festively along! 

Christmas Pudding Vodka Bottles

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