Cindo de Mayo #Friyay!

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrated in many parts of the world, including London!

It is an important festivity of the country`s heritage in order to remember the Mexican Army`s triumph over the French Army on the 5th of May 1862. The courage and bravery of the largely outnumbered Mexican army is celebrated with fun and traditional activities.

From kids playing with original and colourful piñatas to adults dancing `Jarabe` and enjoying tacos and enchiladas, the fun is guaranteed for everyone! 

Create your ‘Cinco de Mayo’ decorations

From balloons to flowers and napkins the colours to use are those of the Mexican flag: red, white and green. Make flowers out of thin cardboard sheets and place them all around your house or garden.

A quick, inexpensive and impressive way to add a final colourful touch is to customize your lights! Just buy a few round paper lanterns, paint them red, white and green and hang them around instead of your usual lamp shades.

Craft a Piñata

Bring on your arts and crafts skills! Fill up a balloon with sweets and inflate it. Use a mixture of flour and water to stick newspaper strips all around the balloon, in form of layers.

Once dry you can decorate your piñata with paint, by sticking coloured cotton balls or tissue paper all around it or creating a decoupage with Mexican inspired pictures.

Food! Food! Snacking Mexican style!

There are so many delicious Mexican dishes you can enjoy cooking and eating.

Is your Mexican snack stand ready? You can customize it as much as you like but there are 2 things that absolutely have to be on that stand - tortilla chips and hot salsa.

Add guacamole, pickles, sliced peppers, tomato and meat sauce with melted cheese, onions, corn salsa, yoghurt or sour cream dips, beans and many more. Place them in small colourful pots, decorate your table with vivid and bright colours for a vibrant Mexican atmosphere and let the fun begin!