City Venue Showcase 2017

City Venue Showcase 2017

CITY VENUE Showcases

4 City Showcases are behind us, one more to go.

We would like to thank everyone who attended and supported Skinners', Saddlers', Barbers' and Apothecaries' Hall showcases over the past few weeks. We were lucky enough to get a decent amount of sun and enjoyed a summery grazing lunch on beautiful rooftops, courtyards and terraces across the City of London. 

Couldn't make it to our previous showcases? Don't worry you can still join the tour of the impressive Salters' Hall in the heart of the City. Come along and be one of the first to see Salters' Hall newly opened secluded, charming garden. 

Salters' Hall - Friday, 22nd September from 12-2 pm

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