Corporate Conference and Team Building in the Number One Venue of South West / Greater London Complete with Catering

Yesterday Sony chose Ravens' Ait for their conference / team building day. What a perfect choice! It all starts with the boat trip from the Surbiton shore which puts a smile on everyone's face straight away.

To fuel-up the 250 Sony staff ahead of their busy schedules were plentiful breakfast baskets of bacon butties and pastries, served in the ballroom with jugs of fruit juices and flowing tea and coffee. The ballroom offers enough space for standing buffets like breakfast and guests were able to mingle quite happily.

The conference itself was held in the heated marquee in the garden. Attendees had been split into different teams that sat in circles all with a good view of the multimedia presentation at the front.

Two coffee breaks were held in the marquee to break up the morning and afternoon sessions. The small PI team managed to serve 250 guests coffee and juices within 15 minutes - quite a feat!!

The lunch was held back in the ballroom and suite in the main building where four Spring-themed finger buffets of both hot and cold food were set up for guests to help themselves. We were delighted at how much fruit the guests wanted to eat!

The rooms and facilities of Ravens' Ait allows a complex schedule the flexibility to flow smoothly. The island-element allows guests to focus on nothing else but the conference, the marquee has the size, warmth and technology for comfortable and captivating activities and the main building is perfect for our event catering. We're looking forward to arranging other big corporation team building and conference days in South West / Greater London soon!

Ravens' Ait from the shore of Surbiton the morning of the conference...

Setting up the Spring Buffet Look...