PI's 25 Steps to Christmas - Step Twelve: The Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Christmas Parties

Here it comes again, the unavoidable corporate Christmas party. For some people the office Christmas Party is a very important date in their calendar, they see it as a reward for all of their hard work; while for others the thought of spending the whole evening with colleagues outside of normal working hours is less than appealing. 

We have compiled a list of handy do's and don'ts to help everyone survive the office Christmas party

DO attend
It's a very good idea to make an appearance and show that you are a part of the team, not attending could sour your reputation. 

DON'T dress inappropriately 
Of course, you want to look nice, but make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion, lets not forget this party is still a business function!

DO enjoy the free alcohol
Most companies will supply ample amounts of alcohol for their Christmas parties, so do feel free to have a few drinks, after all we all deserve it at this time of the year. 

DON'T drink too much
If you are keen to get ahead in the coming year, do be careful to avoid over-drinking. You might not only have a few regrets the next morning but you could also seriously harm your chances of a promotion.

DO talk to people you normally don't
Use a party as a way to talk to people you hardly know and build relationships so your work time is more fun and interesting. 

DON'T complain, brag, or gossip
It's not a time to complain about the company and gossip about your colleagues, it's time to celebrate the holiday season and have some fun. Also, avoid controversial topics such as religion and politics, try to keep all conversations positive and upbeat! 

DO put away your phone
You don't want to be the person texting someone else all night, no one will want to interact with you.

DON'T turn you phone off
You need that ready in case something funny happens and you will want to capture the moment! 

Do have a good time!!!

But DON'T be the last to leave!