Top Ten Tips for a Corporate Christmas Party

Christmas parties for many companies are the largest (if not only) corporate celebration in the annual event diary. We know “corporate” and “fun” is not a marriage made in heaven but our event co-ordinators have put together top tips and approximate quotes for creating a unique corporate Christmas party full of memorable festive cheer that does not cost the earth.

1. Recycled table centres 

£0 - £5 per centre piece

Create festive table centres by stacking up empty green beer bottles and filling them with battery operated LED fairy lights. Take the theme further and organise a pre-party competition where teams vie for the coveted “top tree” trophy.

2. Floral logo

£30 (Red Poinsettias in gold pots), £200 (flat flag), £400 (flat logo) and £1000 (3D logo)

Have a floral display of the company logo or a flag on a flat board or alternatively in 3D. For a festive, yet inexpensive, floral approach, display Poinsettias in gold pots in the table centre; guests can take these home as they thrive all season.

3. British meat

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Choose a full-flavoured, tender meat such as Roe Deer to add variety to the corporate occasion without breaking the bank.

4. Slate place mats

£7 per person, incl. chalk

Use children’s chalk boards or slate floor tiles as festive place mats and decorate them with pine cones. Give each guest a piece of chalk so they can personalise their own slate. If there’s entertainment use the slate mats as a judging tool (think Strictly Come Dancing).

5. Traditional Christmas stockings

£2 - £8 per stocking

If your chosen venue has a fireplace, pin to it a personalised Christmas stocking for every member of staff. As gifts, a lottery ticket, satsuma and box of Alka-Seltzer should do! Ask guests to bring their own odd sock in for more entertainment

6. Christmas pudding vodka

£17 per litre

Stew Christmas Pudding Vodka (see recipe below) a month before the party. Serve it in chilled glasses rimmed with caster sugar and mixed spices at the end of the meal.

7. Company cakes

30p per sheet, not incl. cake

Print the company logo onto thin paper or acetate and showcase it proudly on icing scrolls upon Christmas cakes (see header image). Have one large cake per table that your guests can cut and serve up themselves!

8. Christmas cards - Party Ingredients' style

£6 per 100 bags, £6 per 100 wooden pegs, £10 per 100 sheets of cream card

Fill a block bottom white paper bag with an assortment of flapjacks, brownies or edible Christmas tree decorations. Use tiny wooden pegs to clip a piece of card onto the bag with a personalised message written in stylish golden ink such as “Happy Christmas, Tracey! Please join us on the dance floor!” Set these down at each guest’s place before they leave.

9. Great British venue

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Why not round off a great British year with a party at a classic British venue. Livery Halls offer glamour and tradition with roaring fires and wood panelled rooms for that “Downton” feel.

10. Interactive entertainment

£6 per person

If your budget does not stretch to a bucking reindeer, a snow board simulator or a real-life snow globe, your caterer should be able to help with interactive cocktail or truffle dipping master classes.