DIY autumn decor

Autumn is a magnificent season of bright colours and fruitfulness.  As it's still pretty warm outside, treat yourself and take your loved ones to a London park this weekend to enjoy and watch the city all dressed up in radiant seasonal glow. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing parks and woods all scattered around London - Greenwich Park, Burgess Park, Primrose Hill to mention just a few.

You'll find it really hard to resist collecting colourful leaves as you are walking down the park. In fact, it's quite engaging!  What to do with these massive leaf bunches you will inevitably end up bringing home? Well, first of all you need to dry and press these treasures between the paper towels with heavy books on top. After your leaves are ready (it will take a few days) let your imagination run free! Various forms and shapes of autumn decor for your home: decorative vases,centrepieces, candle holders, garlands, photo frames...

And if you keep your leaves in a bag for a year they will become a perfect fertilizer for your garden too  (leaf mould secret revealed by our MD).

So put your jacket on and off you go! Preserve the beauty of the fall!