Donating table linen to charity in London success!

Save The Children Linen Donation

We mentioned on Tuesday that we wanted to donate 250kg of table cloths to a good cause. We've replaced a lot of our linen for the next year of busy catering in London but we didn't want our old stock to be chucked out when every sheet still has another few years left in it.

PI's Senior Operations Manager James took the bags of linen to our local recycling tip and asked the centre manager what would be done with the sheets. "Burnt", he said.

Obviously, that doesn't sit well with us. So we put an ad up on our blog and on Twitter calling for suggestions as to where to donate the stock. Delightfully, the message was retweeted, shared by SCAD (Social Change and Development) and we even had a call from someone who saw a Facebook status posted by one of our followers (we don't know who) sharing the ad. 

The number of enquiries via tweet and phone were fortunately great but we decided to split our linen across two charities: Scope (who value each bag as at least £20 towards helping disabled people & families) and Save the Children (who we raised money for in December). The latter sent us the brilliant image above of them sorting through the bags of table cloths in the middle of their office! 

We'll sleep easier knowing the hundreds of table cloths have gone to good new homes and not wasteland!