The Museum of London launches a new exhibition of Dorothy Bohm’s photographic exploration of women’s role in society

The Museum of London is currently exhibiting 33 colour photographs by the leading humanist photographer Dorothy Bohm. To celebrate the launch of this three-month exhibition, on November 14th the Museum of London hosted a reception party for 100 people in the Inspiring London Space.

At the reception, the guests were served a selection of canapé and drinks by Party Ingredients. Amongst the most popular were the Mini Steak and Chips portions with homemade ketchup, Citrus-Cured Scottish Salmon and Custard Tartlets. A round, tiered display table was overflowing with seven continental and British speciality farmhouse cheeses, crackers and fresh fruit of which guests could help themselves.

The Museum of London is the perfect setting to pay homage to the London women who Bohm has focused on in her photographs. Being Bohm’s home for over 60 years, she wanted to concentrate on capturing the various modern female roles in London, whether they are working women, professionals, parents or simply doing their daily shopping. The focal point of these photographs, taken between 1990 to the present, is the female gaze and the issues surrounding gender.

© Museum of London

Picture courtesy of the Museum of London