Everything you need for a DIY Eurovision Party

Love it or hate it; there's one thing for certain, you can't escape it! Yes the Eurovision song contest is back for another year and if you're trying to avoid it we have bad news, it's impossible, you will hear the phrase 'nul points' at least once this weekend (that one doesn't count, sorry.). 

The good news is that us humans rarely need an excuse for a party and London has a lot of Eurovision-themed parties on offer this weekend, but you can also opt to get your 'Euro on' in the comfort of your own home. 

Everything you need for a DIY Eurovision Party


When it comes to food for a Eurovision party the possibilities are almost endless. We think buffets are a great way to include as many European dishes as possible. You can treat your guest to, for example, Swedish meatballs, Italian Anti-Pasti, Greek Tzatziki, Polish Cucumber Salad, German Cheesecake,  Belgian Waffles, French Petit Fours.


There are also LOADS of options for European drinks to serve at your party, surprisingly, we love Late Night London's offering of a Eurovision Iced Tea, a-less-lethal alternative than taking a drink for every country... 

Russia -15 ml Vodka
France - 5 ml Cointreau
Italy - 15 ml Disaronno
Switzerland -15 ml Goldschlager
England - 15 ml Dry Gin
Turkey - Lime Juice
Sweden - JulMust to top up (alternatively you can use coke)

Combine all ingredients and enjoy!