Experiencing homemade comforts at The Shed, the most exciting new restaurant in London

This week our Sous Chef Yli has been in training with Party Ingredients’ Chairman Peter Gladwin’s sons in their new restaurant The Shed, in Notting Hill. Yli was there to see how they operate, learning from the brothers and cooking in busy lunchtime and evening service.

Here’s Yli with Oliver Gladwin preparing the pheasant ravioli (to be served with purple kale and chestnut cream).

There’s no such thing as food envy at The Shed as the daily menu is made up of smaller plates of British food designed to share with the table in a tapas style.  They suggest that each person has one or two Mouthfuls (a sushi-sized flavour-rich starter) and some sourdough before choosing two or three dishes that arrive bit by bit so not to fill up the table. The menu is thankfully left on the table so guests feel free to order more.

Head Chef Oliver Gladwin, who is likely to deliver some of the dishes to your table himself, is constantly visible to the restaurant meaning there is absolutely no hiding the hands-on approach of the service. Richard Gladwin operates the restaurant, ensuring each guest is comfortable with the unusual concept of sharing fine British food and genuinely seems to bring a warm happiness to both guests and his staff.

There’s a strong homemade theme at The Shed making the experience even more cosy, informal and intimate. Chairs and tables are mismatched while dissected tree bark hangs on walls and wooden boards conjuring the feeling of eating in a fun tree house built by your dad. The waiters are wearing DIY farmers belts and the menu has a lovely shout out to Mrs Gladwin at home at Nutbourne in Sussex where the family grow veg, rear animals and make wine (also found on our wine list at PI).

It does seem that The Shed have put their heart and soul into experimenting with the flavours, textures and experience of eating each dish. There’s no one big showstopper, they all are equally thought out and bring a certain character to the table. What’s more is that each dish becomes a talking point thanks to its three or four main (sustainable) ingredients that are frequently ignored in home cooking or at other restaurants (who knew that you could talk about gurnard, salsify and samphire for 20 minutes?).

Make a booking at The Shed by calling 020 229 4024. It’s a three minute walk from Notting Hill Gate tube and is the perfect place for those of us who like food created by passionate people who are involved in the whole process from foraging the veg, writing the daily menu, feeding guests to mopping the floor at midnight.

Here's Yli and Oliver focussing on the lamb (to be grilled and served with purple sprouting broccoli and an anchovy dressing).