Five really cool things in England to celebrate

One person's birthday falling on today's date would cause a larger ripple of celebration than the entire nation will feel from St George's Day today. That might be down to the fact we don't know what we should be partying about. So let us kickstart the party by listing five really cool things about England.


English cheese is so delicious that we make wedding cakes out of it. No need to go to France for our fix, we have more pride in ours and we eat a lot of it! FYI: The second cheese wheel (from the top) in this cheesecake is wrapped in nettles. How apt for a countryside wedding!

Incredible traditions

We see a lot of traditions that were formed in the City centuries ago thanks to the numerous livery companies we work with. The Company of Pikemen and Musketeers, pictured above, are made up of veteran servicemen of the HAC's Territorial army and parade up to 63 men in events for the Lord Mayor, royalty, charity and military. Dressed in armour, Pikemen are armed with pikes and swords while Musketeers have muskets and carry twelve wooden powder flasks for loading the guns. Keep your eye on Guildhall where you may be lucky enough to see them marching soon.

Wine and Music

When we have good weather we know the drill - we get outside and we drink wine and beer. With summery music played live from a bandstand in our parks or through portable speakers linked to Spotify, we know how to switch on holiday-mode.

Quirky modes of transportation in England

Tram, Routemaster, canal barge, zipline, horse and carriage, Boris Bike, tube, river ferry, steam train, cable car, hot air balloon, donkey, glider, topless coach, scooter etc etc. How many diverse ways can you get around one tiny country? We're spoilt for choice and every different perspective provides a completely unique way of experiencing England.

Tiny little country with maximum opportunities

In a few hours from London you can be hiking in the Peak District, watching a football game in Manchester, exploring amazing street art in Bristol, on a pub crawl in Liverpool, camping in the New Forest, catching oysters in Whitstable, surfing in Newquay, running a marathon around the Lake District, punting in Cambridge and exploring historical ruins in Whitby Abbey (and imagining Dracula while you're there). Honestly, England's tourism board are spoilt for choice because there's so many reasons to get us out of the house on the weekend. Get on a train (or take a barge up our canal system) and see this country asap. It's pretty awesome.