Friday 14th December is Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children

We’re already looking forward to Friday, for no other reason than finally we can wear our best Christmas jumpers at Party Ingredients HQ. Since festive woolly clothing isn’t the optimal uniform for our chefs (in high heat in the kitchen), operational team (running smart events or loading vans in the warehouse) or sales team (who have daily meetings, tastings and venue visits with clients), lunchtime is the allocated jumper-wearing hour. Our Christmas-loving directors will inevitably throw in some carol singing too.

To motivate our colleagues, we’ve planned four categories in which to win festive prizes. These are 1) Homemade 2) Noisy (think bells and singing reindeer) 3) Cuddly 4) Festive. Word at the water cooler is that behind the scenes a bit of competitive customisation is occurring, as well as jumper borrowing and vintage jumper shopping.

Christmas Jumpers Save the Children

Our participation in Christmas Jumper Day is in aid of Save the Children who work in 120 countries, including the UK, where children need to be kept safe and helped to reach their full potential. The charity works in some of the world's most hostile countries, around the clock, trying to both deliver supplies and talk through problems with families.

Save the Children projects have included building temporary learning spaces to support the education of around 20,000 primary school aged children in the Upper Nile State of Sudan. Save the Children visit flooded areas in India such as Gonakpara in Berpeta, where children playfully wade in stagnant water for hours causing fever and diarrhoea, to deliver oral rehydration salts, medicine and water purification tablets. When violence struck in Ivory Coast, Save the Children flew in charity aiders who distributed food, soap, sleeping mats and blankets on top of working around the clock to reunite families and support children.


Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day (follow the Twitter feed #xmasjumperday) is on Friday 14th December

Party Ingredients’ recommended donations are £1 if you wear a jumper... £3 if you don’t

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