PI's 25 Steps to Christmas - Step Twenty Two: Gift wrapping

Love it or loathe it, wrapping presents is a must! There are lots of stores who offer gift wrapping services if it is something you really can't bear to do or if you just want your gifts wrapped super-extra specially (as it is known in the industry). Whilst you might perceive this form of wrapping to be complex, you have been deceived! We have some smart, simple and creative ways to help impress your loved onesy, especially if the gifts inside are not that great...(only joking!)

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping gifts in cloth, you can also use fabric and secure your parcels with safety pins, buttons or bows!

Tissue paper is a great way to wrap awkwardly shaped presents, such as bottles. Do away with your boring old bottle bag and roll it up in some tissue paper! Try layering the paper with a mixture of colours and patterns and fasten the top with some ribbon, easy!

Stickers can be used to jazz up plain paper, you can use stamps, custom-made stickers or shop bought ones. They are a great idea for children and can really personalise a package.

Bells and Whistles Buttons; add cute little finishing touches to your gifts by fastening buttons and jingle bells to ribbons and strips of paper.