PI's 25 Steps to Christmas - Step Ten: Santa's Grottos in London

Santa is very busy this time of year as we all know, but he still makes an extra effort to speak to everyone by installing important pop-up consulting centres or grottos, in all good stores, shopping centres and fairs, here are some of the best:

Harrods Christmas Grotto - The best traditional grotto
Santa's luxury grotto can undoubtedly be found at Harrods and this year there is a new 'Pre School Grotto' which is perfect for children under four.
Westfield London's 5D Christmas Grotto - The most original grotto 
Santa's Grotto in Westfield couldn't be more different to the traditional Victorian grotto you would usually expect from St Nick, no, this one has a futuristic direction, with 3D visuals and wind, lights and elf dust (very important!). Children can help save Santa's presents from an elf gone bad as part of the thrilling experience.

The London Zoo Christmas Journey - The grotto with a little added magic
Due to the facilities Father Christmas has been able to bring his Reindeer along, there are also carousel rides and animal demonstrations to add a little bit extra magic to the occasion.