How can you make a business party cool and still keep it very corporate?

Branding your corporate event with your colours, logo and 'personality' can be fun and interactive. You want to achieve a memorable event that makes your guests or employees impressed or proud by / of the company. Think about how 1. unique homemade giveaways may allow the enjoyment of the event last longer; 2. creative decorations can transform what would otherwise be a dull party; 3. Branding can be edible and humorous.

More importantly, making a corporate reception, dinner, networking party really cool should be low cost. Here is what is currently trendy that suits budgets at corporate events:

Floral corporate display

Take a floral approach to decorating your event that is loyal to your brand. Flower arrangements in colours that match the company branding can be placed on poser tables around the room; guests can take the flowers home (perhaps you play a game so guests can win them). Alternatively a flower display of the company logo in 3D or 2D can be extremely impressive. 

Interactive entertainment

Our mixologist will create a unique cocktail for your event, shaking it up in front of the guests. There’s nothing like being served a fresh cocktail, especially when it’s been designed for you.

Pick’n’Mix goodie bags

We can set up a fun sweet shop in the corner. Guests can pick up a corporate-green classic paper bag and help themselves to a mixture of sherbets, flying saucers, lollipops and the like. Sweets should be taken home for prolonged enjoyment of your event.

Company cakes

We’ll print the company logo onto acetate and showcase it proudly on icing scrolls upon delicious chocolate curl or sponge cakes. Alternatively we can set up a cupcake stand with boxes on the side for guests to take slices / cupcakes home.

Team building without the team realising:

- Bring in a caricature artist to draw a group image

- Organise a group singalong with or without a piano (people don't even know how much they will enjoy this) - perfect at Christmas!

- Set up decorating station where guests are giving tubes of icing and encouraged to design a corporate cookie or cupcake

- Ask a couple of guests (perhaps the bosses) to serve each other canapé