PI's 25 Steps to Christmas - Step One: How to get in to the Christmas Spirit

If you believe Christmas doesn't begin until the 24th of December (or even, shockingly, the 25th!) you might want to steer clear of our blog for awhile as it will be packed full of Christmas cheer for all to hear! (well 'read', but that doesn't rhyme...). Alternatively you could continue reading and give yourself the chance to become fully immersed in the festive season!

We have put together 25 simple steps to help you prepare for big day, an idiots guide if you will (only joking!) We will be sharing helpful tips and tricks as well as events not to be missed in London.

First and foremost is 'How to get into the Christmas spirit', its an important place to start, especially if you're one of those who thinks of Christmas and then immediately thinks of Christmas shopping! No, forget about that for now, you have to be in the right mind for buying presents for your loved ones, not in a hateful rage. 

Instead Head to Kew Gardens and take an enchanted, illuminated walk through the gardens which is new to the Kew Christmas Festival this year, enjoy the delicious festive food and drink on offer and hitch a ride on the beautiful Victorian carousel. It's the perfect way to begin Christmas!