Italian Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

My name is Abbie and I am the staffing manager here at Party Ingredients. I am thrilled to be writing my first blog!

I was fortunate enough to be whisked away on holiday last week to Tuscany, Italy and had the opportunity to sample some fantastic cuisine. When we think of Italy we imagine crispy pizza, fragrant olive oil, beautifully cured meats... the list is endless. However what struck me was the overwhelming quality (and size!) of the fruit and vegetables that could be found everywhere. Farmers selling at the roadside...

...and even small corner shops flaunted enticing displays...These really put to shame the scrawny but perfectly-formed vegetables that are so easy and convenient to buy in the UK supermarkets. We are all guilty of opting for the easy solutions rather than looking slightly further afield to source fresh, British produce. My weak argument that ‘we don’t have fruit and veg stalls readily available in London’ crumbled when I stepped off the Stansted Express and saw this display at Liverpool Street station:

We should all endeavour to buy, or even grow our own, fruit and veg. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a garden or allotment then why not start a herb garden like ours?

Our sales team love to look out of the window and see how our plants are progressing!

Herbs can be grown on window sills, taste better fresh than dried and are a lot cheaper than buy half-wilted packets from supermarkets.Look here for ideas... I have taken the first step and purchased some basil to plant. Homemade pesto anyone...?!