Living Wage Week

Living Wage Week
Earlier this year, Party Ingredients proudly became a London Living Wage employer. Getting this accreditation has been a big deal for us, helping us to make a positive change for our staff by providing a wage that will cover their basic costs of living.

Part of the Party Ingredients philosophy is to be a genuinely responsible employer. We hear Corporate Social Responsibility and the buzz-words surrounding it spoken of a great deal, but we realise that the key thing that matters is our actions. By becoming an accredited London Living Wage employer we show our staff that we value them and what they do for us.

Monday marked the rise of the London Living Wage, as announced by Mayor Boris Johnson, to £9.15 per hour. This is now 21% higher than the compulsory National Minimum Wage, which is currently £6.50 an hour. The rise will have a significant impact on the vast majority of our staff, helping to increase their standard of living. One of the most poignant illustrations during Living Wage Week for us has been a stark food comparison:

In our industry, happy staff are essential for happy customers, so whether the wage increase contributes to paying bills, supporting families, or simply being able to afford a better meal, we hope to retain the best staff and keep the best talent in order to put on the most impressive events.

From our kitchen porters, through to our operations team, and talented waiting staff, we are proud to be a company of committed, hard-working individuals with a passion for what we do. We strive to attract, motivate and retain the best people and the London Living Wage is a fantastic way to do this.