London Marathon 2013: be the best supporters, from the best place to watch the race, for the best charity!

We went down to watch the Brighton Marathon this Sunday. The day started rather grim, cloudy and windy but developed into the sunniest, bluest one we've had all year! Nothing better than finishing a long long long race by the seaside to the cheers of the happiest crowd ever! Bands lined the route keeping the atmosphere buzzing and crowds found themselves watching hundreds of runners even after their loved-ones and friends had run by because of the amount of enthusiasm on faces, big costumes worn and those needing extra motivational cheers.

The partner charity, Scope, stood out with its purple shirts on runners and supporters and amazing marathon runners pushing disabled children. What a wonderful way to raise awareness of the charity that we happily donated bags and bags of linen to earlier this year. The Scope supporters on the sidelines were epic! So loud! That's exactly what someone who has already run 20 miles with another 6.2 miles left to endure needs to hear! Runners say that having such support motivated them to keep up a pace to ensure they looked good to keep up appearances... imagine what boost you get from having dozens of purple cheerleaders waiting for you around every corner?!

This coming Sunday, the London Marathon will be even better. Scope are getting involved for the fourth time, hoping to raise over £200,000 to support disabled people and their families. We are pleased to announce that Party Ingredients is proudly providing a runners' lunch at SixtyOne Whitehall for Scope. The venue has a fantastic vantage point near the finishing line on the Mall and the Duke of Wellington room gives ample space for their masseurs to provide some well-deserved TLC to over 100 pairs of legs.

Top tip for supporting runners:

Even if you don't know anyone running, the atmosphere is fantastic and there's plenty of entertainment from bands and the runners themselves. If runners have taken the opportunity to write their names on their shirts then call on them to keep up the good work! Once you start, the crowd around you will join in. It's hardly hard work compared to those wearing trainers!!

Top tip for best place to watch the London Marathon:

In between miles 22 and 23, the period of the marathon in which runners are feeling pretty run down, so to speak. Perch yourself on a wall by the hidden KFC opposite Tower Hill station (1 Tower Hill Terrace). There are cafés for food and coffee (and loos) nearby without the queues found on the other side. It's a gem!

We'd like to add:

Party Ingredients are horrified to hear about the attacks on the finishing line at the Boston Marathon. Sporting events bring people of all cultures, backgrounds and motivations together. The fact that this diverse city and its people have been hurt and killed hurts us too on so many levels. The Met Police say they will heighten security for the London Marathon. What's our duty? - We MUST go down and support the runners, this year more than any other.