Our Surplus Food Partnership with Fare Share

In preparation for a banquet for over 600 guests last week, our team anticipated having lots of surplus food. As a company with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, we are very conscious of food waste and therefore decided to partner with the Fare Share charity who re-distribute food to people in need.

With our staff collecting around 40kg of food after the event, Fare Share scheduled a pick-up from Party Ingredients HQ the following day. We have now been delighted to receive the news that with this food, the chef over at Cranston City Roads Residential Care Centre was able to provide around 95 meals to people in crisis as a result of drug use.

Eileen, the manager at Cranston City Roads said “The food has gone down a treat and we feel very privileged to have been recipients of such high quality fare. We have kept some frozen to provide extra culinary treats over Easter.  As always the benefits of signing up to Fare Share have helped to stretch the budget and still provide nutritious food. The lads enjoyed being in the photo and we will be using it in Cranstoun’s monthly magazine. Our thanks for your generosity.”