When a recent client asked us to assist in bringing their Music Through The Decades theme to life in the Western Pavilion at Southbank Centre, we jumped at the chance! Creating a mixture of the 70's and 80's, with a hint of 90's thrown in, really brought out the "dancing queens" in our office. Thanks to Event Prop Hire, hints of the decades were brought to life with a central LED colour changing bar and poseur tables, giant Vinyl Records and a Top of the Pops lollipop sign - a must for a musical party! The 70's themed cut-out had the guests in giggles seeing their colleagues sent back to the Decade of Disco. Helping to bring the decades to life were two absolutely fabulous characters - ooh behave!The centrepiece of the party however had to be the dancefloor and DJ booth, provided by Prelude Entertainment - not just multi-coloured in the traditional 80's club style, the floor colours changed whenever someone threw some moves to the music. As you can tell by our Boomerang, we had a lot of fun testing it out!

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Photo Credit to Fran Hales via Southbank Centre