Picnic Packing Pointers

We are extremely excited about the prospect of more sun this weekend and fully intend to take advantage of every moment, from our early morning coffee overlooking the Thames to our evening drink in a warm beer garden. Most of all we are looking forward to a lazy, sun-soaked picnic and have been planning what to take.

Here are our essential Picnic Packing Pointers:

Before you start, remember that you've got to lug everything to your picnic site. Be realistic about what you and your party can carry. If you're travelling far afield, opt for paper and plastic to lighten the load. Remember: It’s meant to be fun, not a hassle!For a truly sumptuous experience, leave the charcoal and lighter fluid at home – many London parks do not allow barbecues so opt instead for the standard, no-fuss picnic fare of crusty French bread and wraps, cheese, olives, fruit, and a bottle of chilled white wine on a grassy hillside. Added touches like a jar of homemade chutney or hummus can bring a real sense of satisfaction. Gazpacho is a delicious homemade, portable addition – packing it in a thermos with a few ice cubes will ensure it stays refreshing and tasty!

Here are our picnic staples:

Picnic basket or cooler

Bottled water (freeze bottles of water overnight and use it both to keep your picnic cool and to refresh yourself!)

Ice cubes (a great way to keep drinks cool is to pop some grapes in the freezer tonight and use them instead of ice cubes – they work a treat, aren’t so messy if they happen to melt a little en route, and are a delicious, healthy snack if you can’t quite resist them on your journey!)

Hand sanitizer

Napkins and wet wipes

Glassware or plastic cups

Corkscrew and/or bottle opener if taking drinks that need opening

Tablecloth or picnic rug – ensure that there is plenty of space for everyone to sit, or pack several so that some people can sit in the sun and other in the shade)


A rubbish bag – take all of your rubbish home or dispose of it in a responsible manner – let’s keep our parks beautiful!