Pumpkin Carving Competition in the Staff Room

Our little pumpkin competition turned into a "blood, sweat and tears" ruthless battle between kitchen, warehouse and office staff.  Sheer concentration was donned and the team spirit PI is immensely proud of was abandoned.  There are prizes at stake and last year's winners have titles to uphold.

The kitchen staff with their fancy knives, steady hands and creativity have the upper hand with their quick-turnaround masterpieces but all credit to the rest of the competitors who brought their textiles scalpels, marker pens and print-offs to the chopping board (i.e. bin bags).  

One of our chefs Yli (a keen reader of this blog I might add) provided a few tips along the way such as cutting the hole at the bottom of the pumpkin instead of around the stem to hide the opening and get more pumpkin flesh out.  He also carefully cut eye ovals and then shaved down the eye-shape into pupils which slotted into the orange face perfectly.

About 25 pumpkins are to be judged at 5pm today.  Hopefully the directors can find the prizes....  More pics to come...