Pumpkin Carving Competition: The Results

The results of our pumpkin carving competition were revealed at 5.20pm on Friday in a tense showdown of large orange vegetables with faces cut out of them. Some carvers had dolled up their pumpkins with wigs, hats, tiaras, spaghetti, ham, photographs and sweets, whilst others had gone for a traditional look of evil 

First place pumpkin...

...was this witch! Check out the evil eyebrows!

Just noticed the pumpkin in the background who looks terrified of the witch.

The other contenders...

The competition ranged from Pippa Middleton pumpkin, Trick or Treat bucket pumpkin, no-face pumpkin, rasta pumpkin to goofy-teeth pumpkin, clown pumpkin, Hello Kitty pumpkin and miniature pumpkin. 

Fantastic effort from the PI staff. Happy Halloween!