Sign up for London Marathon 2014 with Scope

"Oh yes, my friend is running in that" / "How can they run that far?" / "Let's go watch the marathon" / "They are amazing"

When the London Marathon took place a few weeks ago we bet you knew someone (who also knew someone) running? Were you at all tempted?  How impressive are the runners? What's the most impressive is that these marathon runners, well the majority, are completely normal human beings. You can get involved too, no sweat (well a little).

The ballot to enter the London Marathon closed in 11 hours and 25 minutes which means that anyone else who is keen to be part of this major sporting event needs to enter through a charity, such as Scope

You never know, Scope may be looking after all of us one day. They work to make life easier for those who are affected by disabilities: the individual and their family. By challenging the current assumptions about disabilities by proving by making a few different choices, society can improve for everyone rapidly.

After this year's London Marathon, Scope treated their runners to well-deserved sports massages and plenty to eat. Scope dressed up our beloved SixtyOne Whitehall in a stunning purple array of purple banners.

The Duke of Wellington room was set up ready for the runners to come in for a rest.

Finger sandwiches, fruit and cakes were laid up on the buffet table above for athletes to help themselves.

If a marathon isn't your cup of tea then there are other sporty options in which to raise money for Scope. Our Jo was so taken by the charity after watching them participate (and cheer) in Brighton that she decided to sign up for a 10 mile cross country in East Grinstead this weekend. It was a very tough challenge (she says there were cows on the farm) but for an excellent cause.