PI's 25 Steps to Christmas - Step Six: Christmas Charities

I challenge you to watch a Christmas film that doesn't include a bit of Christmas spirit, a miracle, an act of kindness or selflessness. It is a time to think about others less fortunate and to be grateful for all you have, although the season is also synonymous with over indulging, over spending and of course 'the family row'. Taking time out to be genuinely appreciative is a humbling experience, it is also a fantastic way to fully enjoy Christmas and not to over do it!

Getting involved with a charity can help to keep you grounded and grateful as well as warm and fuzzy! There are hundreds of charities to get involved with over the Christmas period and its not just about donating your hard-earned cash but there are many opportunities to be creative and give your time rather than money. 

Make the World Better with a Sweater
We annually support Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day, just don your loudest Christmas jumper and you can get involved from £1! The rules of Christmas Jumper day allow you to be creative and customise your sweater to ensure it is the most festive! To get involved and for more details head here.

Operation Christmas Child
Have some fun filling a shoebox full of gifts for disadvantaged children throughout the developing world, thanks to an initiative from the Samaritans Purse Charity, who every year send Christmas boxes to children who have very little. Home-made shoebox donations are now closed for this year but you can still make one online to be sent out in time to reach a child by Christmas, for more information head here.

Oxfam Unwrapped
If your stuck for what to buy for that one person who has everything Oxfam's 'Unwrapped' initiative is a fantastic solution, where you can choose from gifts such as manure, goats and chickens to providing villages with safe water and supporting businesses, all from as little as £5! Head here to start shopping!