Timelapse of a corporate event at the Museum of London - see how the Sackler Hall is transformed into a formal dining area

The Museum of London is a gem of the City both during the day and in the evening. No matter if it is a corporate or private function, every event held at the Museum is special thanks to versatility of the space, providing areas for guests to gather, eat and dance. The Sackler Hall, for example, is famous for its oval space wrapped in a 48 metre LED ellipse plus its various entrances to exhibition rooms from which guests can see breathtaking British artefacts. 

In October 2012, Party Ingredients took the opportunity to create a timelapse of a party set-up in the Museum of London. Every moment was captured from laying out round tables, polishing glasses to 300 corporate guests arriving and sitting down, showing the transformation of what is normally a museum café into a space fit for celebrating 250 years of legal business at this particular event.