Much like Party Ingredients, these delicious Christmas beverages are the epitome of tradition with a twist - that twist being a combination of the things people love the most over the festive period, traditional flavours and alcohol. We’ve put together a short list of the best festive drink recipes guaranteed to have your Christmas party guests raving about your event well into the New Year.

Christmas Cocktails

If there’s one thing us Christmas lovers can agree on it’s that cocktails are always a good idea, especially at this time of year. These simple recipes are super tasty and make the perfect ‘welcome cocktail’ for festive nights in or full-blown extravaganzas.

Each recipe makes one glass.

Christmas Pudding Vodka Martini

We have been perfecting this intriguing Christmas Pudding Vodka recipe since 2012. Although it is quick to make, the vodka itself takes about a month to prepare so be sure to start the process well before your event.

* 75cl Good Quality Vodka – we recommend Grey Goose

* 500g Mincemeat

* 250g Marzipan, chopped up

* Ground Mixed Spice & Caster Sugar

Place vodka, mincemeat and marzipan into a container, stir well and seal in an airtight container. Leave for one month, stirring every few days. Strain the liqueur through muslin and decant into a pretty bottle. At your event, really wow your guests by chilling the glasses first and rim them with a mix of caster sugar and spice, before shaking 50ml of the blended vodka over ice, and straining into the glass.

Mint Julep

A classic American tipple made popular by the decadent decade of the 1920’s

* 65ml Bourbon – we recommend a classic Jim Beam

* 10 Mint Leaves

* 12½ml Sugar Syrup (recipe: Dissolve 200g sugar in 100ml water over a low heat. Leave to cool, then bottle. Store in the fridge for up to one week.)

* Ice (cubes and crushed)

* 1 Big Mint Sprig for garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with the bourbon, mint leaves, sugar syrup and ice cubes. Next, strain the mix into a classic julep tin (or a glass of your choice, preferably short), filled with crushed ice. Garnish with mint leaves, a metal straw and enjoy.

For a virgin Mint Julep, muddle the mint and sugar in the glass, fill with crushed ice then top up with ginger ale

Passion Fruit Collins

A recipe over 140 years in the making – with a twist

* 60ml Gin or Vodka – Tanqueray Gin or Stolichnaya Vodka work equally well

* 30ml Fresh Lemon Juice

* 30ml Passion Fruit Purée

* 15ml Sugar Syrup

* Soda Water

* Ice Cubes

* Passion Fruit or Lemon, for garnish

Fill a shaker with ice cubes, the gin or vodka, lemon juice, sugar syrup and passion fruit purée. Shake and strain into a hi-ball glass and top up with soda water. Garnish with half a passion fruit or a lemon wedge.

For non-drinkers, switch out the alcohol for Stryyk Not-Gin or Not-Vodka

Winter Warmers


Hot chocolate is the ultimate cosy winter evening drink, so why not treat yourself to a ‘grown up’ version? Complete with your preferred alcoholic beverage and the Nation’s favourite confectionary, Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

* 25ml Dark Rum – we like Captain Morgan

* 2 tsp Salted Caramel

* 150ml Whole Milk

* 50g Milk Chocolate, chopped

In a bowl, mix the rum and caramel until smooth and set aside. Warm the milk on the hob on a medium heat until simmering. Remove the milk from the heat and stir in the chocolate pieces. Return the mix to the hob, add the caramel and rum mix, and stir until smooth and even. Get the Christmas movie and snacks ready, pour into a mug and enjoy!

Additionally, Bailey’s works for an amazing alcoholic hot choc - just swap out the caramel and rum and you’re ready to go.

For non-drinkers, swap out the rum & caramel for chilli flakes, peppermint oil, orange extract or cinnamon powder to give your hot chocolate some festive flair.

Hot Toddy

The perfect night cap or winter pick-me-up.

* 50ml Whisky

* 3 tsp Honey

* 200ml Hot Water

* 1 Cinnamon Stick, snapped in half

* 1 Lemon, half juiced, half sliced

* 2 Cloves

Combine the whisky, honey, hot water and cloves in a toddy glass and stir until mixed evenly. Squeeze in lemon juice to taste and remove the cloves. For garnish add the sliced lemon and cinnamon stick.