Top 3 Horror Films to Watch on Valentine's Day

Want to have a romantic night in watching a film with your Valentine, but can't deal with Hollywood rom-coms and cheesy musicals? Surprisingly, a good, well-chosen horror film could be the perfect option. Whether you’re married or it’s your new date holding your hand tight whilst hiding behind your back, a bit of sheer horror on screen is guaranteed to bring you closer. Literally. Here's our Valentine's Day favourites - tell us if you know something even scarier!

    REC (2007)

A Spanish film REC follows a TV reporter and her cameraman who are filming a night at the local fire station. The first call of the night sends them to an apartment where a rare, rabies-like disease is spreading. The camera crew become trapped in the building with the fire brigade and panicky residents and the virus –that is now believed to be the biological cause of demonic possession – has become extremely contagious. Everything is filmed using shaky camerawork that makes the experience even more intense. If you want to avoid subtitles, a Hollywood remake from 2008 is called Quarantine.

The Omen (1976)

The Omen is an American/British suspense horror film following US Ambassador Robert and his wife Katherine who – as a result of their newborn son suddenly dying – are convinced to adopt an orphan. The new son, however, appears to be from very mysterious origins and Robert is repeatedly being warned about a curse related to the boy. After refusing to believe the claims, strange events taking place get him to investigate the new son’s background and birth hospital – none of which actually exist. Battle, death and an Antichrist son starting to gain political power follow, maximising the horror stakes. The remake (which is nowhere near as terrifying) was released 6th of June 2006 – 06/06/06. 

The Ring Two (2005)

The Ring franchise includes three The Ring films, out of which we think the second one is the scariest. This psychological horror follows after the events of the first film. Samara Morgan’s cursed tape is again in the centre of the events, when disturbing and paranormal occurrences start happening in the house of Rachel and her son Aidan. The true horror starts when Aidan’s body is possessed by Samara and Rachel seeks advice from the Morgan Ranch tracking down Samara’s birth mother. If you are feeling brave enough, you can stay up all night and watch the whole The Ring trilogy.