Tracing Razor Clams from the Sea to the Plate: Guaranteeing Fresh, Good Quality, Sustainable Food

Here at Party Ingredients, we are very passionate about sustainability. Whether it’s printing on both sides of paper, recycling, reusing and reselling, and especially when it comes to food, we want to make sure that we enhance and protect the earth’s capital, rather than reduce and harm it. This means that we prefer seasonal food, support local farmers and fishermen, and do our bit to protect animal welfare and global fish stocks.

Being able to trace food from its origins to the plate is a way of guaranteeing that the dish that you have in front of you is cooked using good quality, fresh, sustainable ingredients. Traceable food is not only better for the environment, it’s better for you, too.

We traced the journey of the razor clams that made this beautiful dish, served as the fish course at the annual IWSC awards banquet last week:

Sustainable Razor Clam

We use Southbank Fresh Fish as our seafood supplier, as they are just as passionate about sustainable food as we are, and work closely with organisations such as Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to develop sustainable alternatives to using endangered species. The guys at Southbank Fresh Fish told us that, sadly, razor clams are often harvested using methods such as electrical fishing that are not only highly destructive of the fish stocks, but also illegal. To ensure our clams were harvested legally and using sustainable methods, we were given the exact details of the origins of the clams.

Our razor clams came from the Fife area of the East Coast of Scotland, where they were either diver caught or – during low tides – hand gathered. They were then packed in bundles held by elastic bands and wrapped in wet paper which maintains their moisture keeping them alive. The clams were then transported overnight and delivered to the guys at Southbank, who then delivered them on to our kitchen door here at Canary Wharf. No dodgy business, no illegal trading and no destructive fishing, just authentic, handpicked good food.

Finally, a picture that our director of cooking snapped of the clams when they arrived here. They look quite happy, don’t they?Razor Clams

There is a world of information on sustainable food & fish online. Party Ingredients work closely with Sustainable Fish City, London Food Link and the Marine Conservation Society