PI's 25 steps to Christmas - Step Three: Trendy Christmas Decorations

While shopping around for Christmas gifts (we hope that you've found our ideas very helpful), take your time and get inspired - it's time to turn your home into a miniature festival of Christmas joy! From white glitter wreaths to tempting candy buffets, capture the magic of the season in festive touches, that will make the days all merry and memorable. 

So what's in trend for Christmas 2013? 

Expressive cool shades such as turquoise, pistachio and ice-blue are the new 'must' for trend aficionados. They bring an invigorating breath of fresh air and mystical elegance to Christmas decor. 

As befits the season, natural materials create a cosy atmosphere at our home. Wood, above all, finds multiple decorative uses during this season: wooden Christmas tree ornaments, wooden candle holders, wooden angel figures to mention just a few.  

Christmas baubles still remain a vital part of a festive design. It could be a great idea to turn your bare windowsill into a stylish nook by filling glass jars of various shapes and heights with leftover balls. 

Decorate in style and be merry!