Utilising the digital potential of Sackler Hall in the Museum of London and all its unique exhibition spaces

At the Museum of London last night we were delighted that our client used the venue to its full potential for their Christmas party. Within 15 minute of the museum closing, the Entrance Hall was transformed into a champagne bar complete with a festive string quartet. The galleries opened for guests to wander through as they walked towards the Sackler Hall. With talking points along the way and a champagne glass in hand, guests were in good spirits as they entered the second bar area where canapé and bowl food made its rounds.

For even a large party of 200, the Sackler Hall at the Museum of London feels incredibly spacious and guests hopefully felt comfortable. The space helps our waiters and waitresses snake through groups of guests easily to pass out party food and top-up drinks.

Last night’s Christmas event doubled as a leaving party so the client played a film montage on the large television screen to honour the leaver’s achievements as a professional and a friend within the company. Guests stood within the digital ellipse that beams stars into the darkened room and the surround-sound enhanced this captivation. All in all, this was an atmospheric approach to bidding farewell to a loved colleague and one we would all be honoured to receive.

After the video and speeches, the guests went onwards and upwards to the Entrance Hall once more for a dessert and alcohol extravaganza. The DJ played the likes of Britney, Rihanna and of course Gangnam Style. You’d never guess that the dance floor is where hundreds of visitors buy their museum souvenirs throughout the day and that the stylish white bar is normally laden with computers not bottles of Peroni and glasses of Domaine de Bertier.

Museum of London

Museum of London